We’ve been ranked in the top 50 Fish & Chip shops Three Years in a Row!

We’ve had some exceptional news today with the receipt of our Fry Magazine 50 Best Fish & Chip Shops 2017 results – We have been placed as one of the top 50 Fish & Chip shops in the UK for three years in a row – a feat only a select few shops have ever achieved!


Fry Magazine are an industry leading trade magazine who operate a yearly review of Fish & Chip shops by use of a mystery shopper – we never know when the visits will be, so this is a true test of how we serve customers and the consistent quality of our food. The mystery shopper assesses various aspects ranging from a telephone call to the quality of the food and scores us against fixed parameters, so the scoring is fair across the country.


This year we lot points on two sections – incidentally the same sections we lot points on last year. The first was our answerphone, which at the time the reviewer called was the default bland message of the telephones we had installed. I ┬áhave since added a musical on hold message which provides all the information you need and lets you hold until we answer. The second area we lost points on is a contentious one for me – we were marked down for not suggesting the customer bought extra items. Personally I believe in asking the customer what they want rather than pushing them to buy things they might not really want.


I am however very pleased with the reviewers personal comments, specifically the last two paragraphs which stated “It was the best fish and chips I had tasted in a long time.” and “I would definitely recommend to friends and family.”. Whatever awards and reviews a shop gets – these are the words that mean the most, and I am very proud of what I and my team offer.


As per the previous years, I am more than happy to provide the whole review so you can see everything we have been tested on and how we fared.