Criminal activity at the shop

On the 26th November 2016 we were broken into. At that time I left the coins in the tray in the till, and he took those as well as the tray from the till and the Charity box. The culprit was identified by a fingerprint he left on the side of the till, caught on the 6th December and sentenced to 18 weeks in prison. He was also on licence for earlier crimes so should have served more than that. In total the repairs cost me £380.


Apparently he was released early though, as just 9 weeks later we were broken into again, and it turned out it was the same guy! This time he wore gloves, was surprised to find no cash in the till and instead broke open the drawers on the office desk, but left empty handed as we now lock everything of value in the safe. He dropped a cigarette butt outside the shop, which the police got DNA from and caught him on the 3rd March, sentencing him the following day for 13 weeks.


Given the lax prison service presumably releasing him after serving half his sentence again, I expect to see him again around the 19th of April!