We pride ourselves on knowing everything about our ingredients, and by doing so know that we prepare your meal with the best available. We are happy to discuss our ingredients, and have provided information below to show that you can trust us to provide you with the quality of food you expect.


We are proud to serve only the finest quality Haddock, sourced from Sustainable fishing grounds in the North Atlantic. The fish in these seas live in some of the purest waters in the world, and are protected to prevent over fishing. All our fish is caught and frozen within four hours, and can be traced back to the vessel that caught it. We sell two sizes of Fish:

Small: A cost-conscious choice for those with smaller appetites, or a lunchtime treat.

Regular : The traditional size portion, enough for a full meal for most appetites.

We also sell Fish Bites – Ideal for eating on the go, these are chunks of fish fillets, individually battered and available with or without chips.


We source all of our potato products from one of the larges sources in the North of England, ensuring we provide our customers with the finest quality produce. As well as Small and Regular portions, we offer a chip cone for those that want a snack on the go.

Fish Cakes

There are many variations on the term Fish Cake, but at Peel Park Fisheries, we only serve one style. Known as the Yorkshire Fish Cake it is two slices of potato with whole pieces of fish (not minced) packed in between and coated in batter before frying. We buy large potatoes specifically for our cakes, and the fish used is trimmed from whole fillets, and is layered to create a tasty fish-packed treat.


Traditionally a scallop was the thin off-cut of potato left over from making cakes. Our Scallops are sliced from the largest potatoes of the day, ensuring a good sized snack or addition to any meal. Our Scallop Specials – with a scallop in a teacake with a handful of chips and a splash of sauce of your choice – are one of our most popular products!


The sausages we use are made with the finest pork, and contain 70% meat, with flavourings and a little spice to produce the tastiest sausages around. We offer two sizes of sausage, the traditional ‘Jumbo’ and the Small which is half the size.


Made from whole scampi tails, our scampi portions are a tasty treat for when you want something a little special. Competitively priced, and available with or without chips.

Chicken Nuggets

Originally for children’s meals, these are now popular with adults too. Made from whole chicken breast, our Chicken Nuggets are a tasty meal with 8 pieces, and with or without chips to suit your appetite.

SPAM Fritters

Sliced from catering sized tins of Tulip SPAM, containing a minimum of 90% meat. Rather than the generic ‘pork luncheon meat’ used by some shops, our SPAM has the flavour you want either on it’s own, as an addition to a meal, or in a teacake to eat on the go. Even Monty Python would be impressed!


Baked overnight and delivered daily, we offer round or long teacakes to suit the order. We have used the same supplier for teacakes since opening, because we are so impressed with their products, and hope you will be too!


As well as Mushy Peas, we offer Traditional ‘Chip Shop’ Curry which offers a mild flavour with onion bits, Chinese Curry with a spicier flavour and tasty thick Gravy. You can choose from either a splash of sauce on top of your meal, a small 4oz tub or a larger 7oz tub to suit your taste. We also offer Heinz baked beans which are available only in the 7oz tubs.


Sticking with tradition we are proud to cook our products in the finest quality Beef Dripping, which is produced from the freshest and finest raw material. Our dripping contains a naturally occurring anti-oxidant, specially developed for beef dripping, which gives a longer frying life and reduces excess odour.

Meal Deals

We know that everyone likes a bargain, so we have developed our Small Meal Deal, a Small portion of Fish & Chips with either a small portion of sauce or a teacake.

Children’s Meals

Our children’s meals come with either four Fish Bites, four Chicken Nuggets or two small Sausages, all served with Chips and a carton of Fruit Juice. Packaged in a themed box to keep them entertained after the food has gone!

Side Orders

If you fancy a little extra to go with your meal, we offer a selection of side orders. We have ten Beer Battered Onion Rings with a crispy batter surrouding whole onion rings rather than the cheaper onion bits. We have six Mozzarella sticks in breadcrumbs, or for a cheese feast we have our Cheesy Onion Rings – four thick rings with a blend of cheeses for added flavour and onion bits to add crunch. Finally we also have breaded Garlic Mushrooms in portions of ten. 


If you have any questions about the information above, feel free to get in touch.

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