A few changes…

For some time several customers have asked for other items on our menu, but we always felt that staying a ‘traditional’ fish & chip shop was right for us.

Recently however we have reconsidered, after all if we can make top quality award winning fish & chips, why can’t we do the same for other foods?

Having tried burgers from other takeaways, I knew we could do better – so we did our research, bought samples and experimented with cooking.

Now we feel that we have a burger worthy of being sold by Peel Park Fisheries. It’s only a start, we may add options later, but for now we are happy to introduce 1/4lb, 1/2lb, Mild & Spicy chicken burgers, served in a tasty brioche bun with a light salad and burger sauce or mayonnaise. All at a price competitive with the competition, but a much better quality.

We are also adding cheezy sauce chips to our menu – these are not French fries with a pinch of grated cheese, but proper chip shop chips with a generous helping of a rich cheese sauce to give them a tangy flavour.

We have increased our opening hours too, with an extra hour on Saturday – now opening until 2:30pm.

Finally, we have given the shop a refresh, with a new counter cover with some snazzy lights and added a bit of colour to the walls in a fun little mural.

All in all these are big changes to a little old ‘traditional’ chippy, but we believe what we are doing is the right thing for our customers, old an new.

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