With family ties dating back to 1959, Peel Park Fisheries has over 60 years of family history, and has been a part of the local community since 1934! Now run by Paul & Joanne Hutchinson – we really are the family that works together.

While we still provide the Traditional Fish & Chips people love, we are also moving with the modern times. We are proud to support sustainable fishing, by only buying our fish from MSC certified sources. We also ensure that the supplies we source are as local as possible to support local businesses.

Our prices are some of the best in the area, and we offer cheaper options where practical. We also accept card payments, including contactless with no minimum spend.

Fish & Chips is the the Traditional Great British Dish, and we are proud to provide some of the finest available! In our quest for quality and customer service we are extremely proud to announce that we have been ranked as one of the best 50 Fish & Chip Shops across the country for three years running!‚Äč

After winning the award three times we stopped entering the competition as the organisers started to charge for entry, which made us feel that we were ‘buying a badge’.

We have been assessed by disabledGo to ensure we meet the requirements of our disabled customers, and have been awarded the highest rating of 5 stars by the Food Standards Agency.

For more information on our products, and how we choose only the best for our customers, click here. For more about the history of the shop, click here. If you would like to see our full menu and prices, click here.

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