These days you can’t avoid hearing about it, and it is affecting us all. Businesses have never had an energy price cap, so when prices started to go up we were the first to be hit. Our gas and electricity have gone up by over 200%, and as you can imagine we use a fair amount of both despite having the latest high efficiency range and mostly LED lighting.

With the cost of petrol & diesel as they are every product we buy is going up in price too, some have more than doubled. The war in Ukraine is also impacting the Fish price as nearly half of all fish used is Russian and now is taxed at 35% on top of all the other factors. Pound for pound rump steak is now cheaper than haddock!

We have looked at every aspect of our business for ways to save money, and have made a number of behind-the-scenes changes. We have also ended our loyalty card scheme and removed some special offers, as these only benefitted some customers. In doing so we have our made prices fairer for everyone.

As a result of our cost-cutting, and despite the increases we are facing, the price of our fish (which has seen the largest rise) has only gone up by 12% in the last year.

However, one thing we will not change is quality. We are still buying the finest north Atlantic haddock and we have just started on new season potatoes. We have always bought the finest ingredients we can, and even in these difficult times we believe quality at the best price available is the only way forward.

By making these changes but maintaining our standards we have been able to keep our prices lower, meaning that we are still the cheapest traditional chippy in the area.

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