New Opening Hours

From 1st November we will no longer be opening on Saturdays. Currently we are at the shop from 8:30 preparing and filtering, and stay another hour or more after closing cleaning everything down. to be open for only 3 hours is just not viable with the cost of utilities, fish, fats and other stock.

Currently our fish is nearly a third more than it was a year ago, our beef dripping has doubled, our electricity has doubled and our gas has tripled. Added to this the cost of living crisis affecting customers the Fish & Chip industry is in a turbulent time.

The government (which may change by the time you read this!) have proposed a scheme to help with the cost of utilities, and we are seeing some of our stock prices start to drop, so the situation may change, and we’ll adapt with whatever changes are thrown our way.

Already we have seen some shops close altogether, while others like us have reduced their opening hours. Looking on the business sales listings the majority of shops in our local area are up for sale, and whilst we feel for the owners, there are very few people buying in the current climate. I fear for some the strain may be too much.

We are thankful that we have no staff, have a very understanding landlady/mother-in-law! and have very few overheads. As such we have managed to keep our prices low to help customers who are also feeling the pinch and will keep providing the best quality Fish & Chips at the best prices we can.

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