Food Safety at Work Training

All our staff have undergone Food Safety training and have passed their level 2 courses, while I have taken & passed the level 3 course (the highest grade).



I have been reluctant to do these courses, as I already ensure that all staff are comprehensively trained in all relevant areas of food safety, and this training has simply provided a certificate to prove their ability.


Recently however, the Telegraph & Argus ran an article on food safety ratings, and some businesses said that the only reason they got zero scores was that they didn’t have this training – but this training is not a requirement of the rating system (as proved by us having the highest rating of 5 and not previously had the certificates). While it is not a requirement, It is a certificate to show that you are doing what is needed, and as such gives the Food Standards Authority and customers more confidence that staff working according to the standards required.


As such, we not have all our staff certificates on display in the shop, so everyone can see that we have been trained to carry out the best practices in everything we do.