Easter Giveaway

As a special treat for Easter, we are are running a special promotion – share our Facebook post and be in with a chance to win one of three Easter Eggs! We’ll pick the winners on Sunday, so the winners can collect on Easter Monday, so get sharing now.


Also, we will be giving a free Cadbury’s Creme Egg with every Children’s Meal bought throughout Easter – If you don’t want a Children’s Meal. we also have the eggs for sale for just 50p.

New Years’ Resolution? – No Problems!

We know that at this time of year a lot of people are wanting to eat healthier, and here at Peel Park Fisheries, we want to help you achieve this.


From January we will be offering two options for those watching the calories:

We have offered poached fish for a couple of years, but now we will be offering a poached fish served on a bed of steamed vegetables with a portion of mushy peas for just £5.


A new offering is a baked potato served with steamed vegetables and either mushy peas or Heinz baked beans for £3.


Both of these options provide four of your recommended five portions of fruit or vegetables a day, as well as protein and fibre.


So now whether you are wanting traditional Fish & Chips or wanting to watch the calories, we have exactly what you need!

We have a new Frying Range!

For the fourth time in the shop’s history we have a new Frying Range. This is the most important piece of equipment in the shop, as this is what cooks all of our delicious Fish & Chips!


Originally the shop was installed with a coal-fired range, which must have been a nightmare to keep the temperatures steady. When Jim Mitchell took over the shop he had an electric range fitted, using three phase electricity. Jim’s son Colin had a Frank Ford gas range fitted in 1975, and this is the range that has been in use for the last 42 years!


Times change though, and modern ranges have much better safety systems and are more efficient, and with changes to the gas safety regulations it was time for a change.


From Saturday to Monday I removed the old range, poured concrete to level the floor, and laid new commercial flooring. Then from Monday to Wednesday SPH Specialist Services installed the new range. There was a slight delay due to a part taking longer to make than expected, and there were some teething issues, but everything is installed and the new range will hopefully see us through many years to come!