Small things make a big difference

Sometimes small things make a big difference. For some that might be a new ingredient or piece of equipment, for us it is Becky.

Becky joined us nearly 4 and a half years ago, and immediately became part of the team. While other staff have come and gone, Becky has been the one I could always rely on (Samantha, being family, didn’t have a choice!).

Just over a month ago I started thinking about changing the approach of the shop, part of which involved cutting the hours we are open for. I knew this would affect the staff, so (as I have done before) I talked it over with them. Becky came back to me shortly after and offered to look for alternate work so I could go ahead with the plans.

I put things in motion and settled on a plan for the shop. For the last 6 years I have run it at 100%. I have been there seven days a week and can count on my fingers the number of days I have not been to the shop at all. Now I have decided to take a different approach – I will be closing on Mondays and from 4pm Saturdays, leaving 2 days where I (shouldn’t) need to come to the shop at all.

I will also be taking a different approach to staff: I will be running the shop with Joanne, my wife. To start with Samantha will work with us while she looks for something new. The end result will be that I will be working more hours, but will still have more time off!

The new opening hours will come into effect on Monday 18th March, which will also be Becky’s first day at her new job. We wish her all the best in her new job and know that whatever she does she will be appreciated by everyone that works with her.

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